Hi friends, I’m Katie—thanks for swinging by. For those of you that don’t know me, I’m a marketing ops and automation nerd. I created Processus to give organizations direct access to a Marketo Certified Expert, without paying agency overhead costs, and more importantly, to provide services that work for the long-haul.

I specialize in helping modern marketing teams realize their MAP’s robust feature-sets, implementing systems and processes at scale.

I’ve been at it since 2008, and I’ve learned quite a bit along the way. My approach to building your instance is strategy-oriented. It’s not enough to build a program that can accomplish a tactic; you need your Marketo instance to measure every touchpoint along a prospect’s journey and provide data that complements your team’s KPIs.

An automation system can be a beast or your best friend, and whether you’re just getting started on your journey or you’ve inherited a messy instance, I’m here to help. I’ll (re)architect your platform in a repeatable process so your marketing managers can easily clone programs with little to no asset editing.

Processus is Latin for process—I build seamless processes that appear invisible to your team. You won’t find red-tape here.


If you do get to know me, be prepared to see lots of corgi gifs, have a few conversations (ok, maybe a lot) about the most recent podcast I’ve subscribed to, Twin Peaks, David Bowie, and Twitter. Oh, and that’s Otto when he was a baaaaaaaaby ☝️



Marketo Certified Expert
Marketo Certified Attribution Specialist
Marketo Certified Nurture and Engagement Specialist

Pragmatic Marketing: PMC-III
Google Analytics
Cardinal Path: Google Analytics 101, 201, 301