Revenue Models

Your revenue model is perhaps the most important portion of your marketing and sales engine. A functioning funnel allows you to measure the health of your business. Understanding stage inventories, conversion rates, and velocity provides the insights needed to forecast, set OKRs or KPIs, measure SLAs, and so much more. Once your model is up and running, in time, you can reverse engineer your opportunities to understand not only where pipeline comes from, but how much you’ll need, when and from where, to hit your goals.

Lead Scoring

Building a lead scoring model that evaluates where a prospect should be in your revenue funnel is critical to attain a healthy conversion rate. Do you know how to interpret pain over fit attributes? I do, and I’ve love to incorporate a scoring model in your organization that routes leads to your BDRs at the moment they’ve expressed the need for a solution.

Advanced Nurturing Programs

Aligning content to the stage of the buyer’s journey is half the battle. Building a set of nurturing programs relevant to your lead’s attributes is the second step. Architecting programs your marketing managers can actually manage is key to longevity. And introducing robust CRO (conversion rate optimization) workflows through experimentation will ensure you have statistically significant results to continually improve your nurture program performance.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

The handoff between marketing and sales ins’t just a number. Establishing trust is paramount in achieving success. We can build SLAs into the handoff, helping both teams keep up their end of the bargain.

Do you need help providing marketing playbooks for your BDRs? We can automate those too.

Personas and Personalization

If your product managers have identified the typical pain points for your different buyers, we can introduce personas into your programs. By creating segments and dynamic content, your marketing managers can send one email, create one landing page, and provide a personal experience crafted especially for the recipient or visitor.

If you don’t have a product manager, no problem! I’m Pragmatic Marketing certified, and I can help your team craft those “typicals” across your market segments.


REPORTS: Marketing automation tools provide a pretty robust set of reports out of the box. Creating and interpreting their content, however, can be a challenge. I thrive in extracting what teams needs to measure and why, and then creating those reports or dashboards.

ENGAGEMENT: Applying a systematic utm strategy is a fantastic way to get under the hood of your vanity metrics. Opens and clicks can give a team insight, however, time on site, bounce rate, and pages per visit provide a much deeper insight into a campaigns success.

Marketo & Google Analytics is a match made in heaven. Want to see your Interesting Moments in Google? The affinity metrics of your target market segments against campaign goals? You’ve come to the right place.